Press Release: 9GAG Announces "Pup n Play" Rebranding

1 July 2019

Hi 9gaggers,

We are excited to announce that as of July 2019, we are rebranding one of our Facebook pages “Pup n Play” to “Joey Joey”.

According to, “Joey” means a baby, a young child, or any young animals, especially a kangaroo.

This name change is part of our strategy targeted to expand our coverage and our commitment to helping our users to discover more interesting content!

After some in-depth research, market analysis, and talking with some of our users, we felt the rebranding of Pup n Play will enable us to expand upon our the topic of dogs, accomplish local and global growth objectives, and to foster and develop new content and product directions.

We have paused the update of the page for some time but we will be bringing a new and better page to all of you. Stay tuned!

As we start this process, we’d like to take some time and thank our loyal users. Without you, this would not be possible and we look forward to many more happy years with all of you.

Ray Chan



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