Getting Started (9GAG 101)

What are "Hot, "Trending" and "Fresh"?

“Hot”, “Trending” and “Fresh” are the sorting system of posts on 9GAG.

  • “Hot” is what’s been getting a lot of upvotes / comments / shares / views recently.

  • “Trending” is what is starting to get some upvotes / comments / shares / views right now.

  • “Fresh” sorts post by the time of upload with the newest on top.

What decides a post gets into "Trending" and "Hot"

Our popularity ranking is constituted by a combination of the following factors:

  1. Content appropriateness — please refer to 9GAG Rules

  2. Post engagement — the number of upvotes/comments/shares/views a post receives

  3. Timely factors (posts that are timely or those with receives better engagement within a short period of time)

What are "Upvote" and "Downvote"?

On a post: Upvote means “I appreciate this,” but it may not necessarily equal to “I agree with this.” Downvote means “I found this boring,” but not it may not necessarily equal “I disagree with this.”

On a comment: Upvote means “This is valuable for the discussion”, but it may not necessarily equal “I agree with this.” nor “I like this.” Downvote means “This is irrelevant for the discussion,” but it may not necessarily equal “I disagree with this.” nor “I don’t like this.”

Can I create a new section?

At the moment all our sections are curated. Setting up sections make it easier to explore content and find stories that are connected to particular interests and passions.

Please give us your suggestions here.

Why does a dot sometimes show up where the points should be?

For a certain period after a post / comment is created, the point is not displayed. This is intended to reduce the initial bandwagon voting, where if a post / comment gets a few early downvotes it often continues going negative, or vice versa. By hiding the points for a while after posting, the bias of seeing how other people voted on the post / comment should be greatly reduced.


How do I view sensitive content or NSFW sections on 9GAG iOS app?

In order to comply with App Store content policy, some sections such as Girl, Guy, NSFW and Dark Humor are filtered from the iOS app by default. To view them, enable Show Sensitive Content in settings.

Go to settings on our website.

How can I change Email / Password / Profile?

How can I update my Username / Avatar (Profile Pic)?

Go to Settings. To reduce spams & abuse, current update limit:

  • Username: once every 30 days

  • Avatar (profile pic): once every 7 days

How can I delete my account?

How can I delete my posts?

Go to your post and tap the delete button which is located under the sharing buttons.

Go to your post and tap the delete button which is located under the sharing buttons.

How can I delete my votes?

Tapping on the upvote button removes your votes from a post.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

I forgot what is my login email, how can I log in again?

You can try to login with Facebook if you have associated your account with Facebook previously. Otherwise, you have to sign up for a new account.

I can't verify my account. OR I didn't recieve the verification email. Why?

Check your spam folder first. If it isn't there, contact us here.

9GAG Pro

What is 9GAG Pro?

9GAG Pro is an awesome way to support 9GAG while unlocking some special features. You can only purchase it on the mobile apps. Currently it has 5 major functions: Auto dark mode, pre-setting auto dark mode time, hiding ads, hiding the button for “new posts” and a “Pro” badge displayed on your profile and next to your username (both on web and app). More features are coming soon too!

I subscribed to 9GAG Pro but I still see ads. Why?

You can go Settings inside your 9GAG app and see if "Show Ads setting is already OFF. If it it ask you to purchase 9GAG Pro. hit the "Restore Purchase" button down below.


How can I upload a post?

It’s easy. After opening an account, you can create a post here.

How can I edit my post?

Currently you can’t. You have to delete the post and make a new upload.


I can't tag my friends in comments. Why?

Currently we limit tagging username to 3 per comment to avoid spamming.


Upload Failings: I can't upload my posts/My post disappeared after a successful upload. Why?

This could be for one of two reasons:

  • The auto spam filter identified your posts as spams OR

  • The community/other users downvoted and/or reported your posts

We suggest to try edit your content and re-upload your post — along our best practice.

Comment Failings: I can't see my comments anymore. Why?

This could be for one of two reasons:

  • The auto spam filter identified your comments as spams OR

  • The community/other users downvoted and/or reported your comments

Multiple failings: I can't upload/I can't comment anymore. Why?

It’s very likely your account is suspended or banned because you have violated our 9GAG rules.

Downloads: I can't download GIFs/Pictures. Why?

It may take some time for Android users to find the saved gifs / pictures in the 9GAG folder in your Gallery. Wait for few minutes for it (them) to load. Or you can try restarting your device.

Report abuse and spam

What should I do if I see inappropriate content?

If you find contents / comments that violate the 9GAG Rules, let us know by our report function.

  1. Go to the post / comment you'd like to report

  2. Click / Tap More [⋯] or [▾] next to the post / comment

  3. Select the reason for reporting